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who is the person in your business that strives for autmation, efficiency and a more streamlined business?

wish you had someone like this on your team?

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Now you can - introducing Blue Stream from Now IT Works.

Blue Stream is a business streamlining service that integrates 3 things:  your people, your process and our technology.

Now IT Works is an outsourced IT firm with an effective team of Client Information Officers (CIO) - the team is made up of former business owners who know first hand what it takes to run a business, and they know how to use technology to automate and streamline for those extra percentage points.

With our Streamline software, we can take your business services, your back office, work out the kinks with your processes, and deliver it to your team to use efficiently and make your business and your product better.  

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Take Home To You

How Does It Work


Register for a free, no obligation Business Examination and identify the top 5 business processes for us to help you with

You will be consulted with from a former business owner.



We begin designing your Streamline Processes with your team

After we identify the areas of concern, we work with you and your team to implement a way to automate the workload and be more efficient through the use of standardized process.



Receive monthly reports and quarterly meetings with your CIO

Once the processes are in place and working, we will train your team how to tweak them to make them better.

On a monthly basis, expect reports showing how well the team completed the jobs.  Meet with your CIO each quarter to review how things are going and how far your business is moving.


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