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Are you GIVING your business data TO multiple cloud environments?

One platform can rule them all.

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Your data and your team deserve to be running from a single common platform.

Introducing, Blue Steam - a hosted environment for all of your documents, email, databases, workflow and centralized printing and scanning.

  Blue Steam runs from a dedicated data center in New York,  can be accessed from any Apple, Android or Microsoft device and is hosted from a private platform.

For the past 20 years, the Now IT Works team has worked with many businesses - and we understand that the core components of a business needs to be in a centralized location in order for the team to be productive and efficient.

Redudant Systems


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40% Fewer

IT Issues

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antonio rillera

On Saturday the power at my office went off and for the first time the cloud came to rescue us.
When the power came back on everything was up and running like it should and my remote staff was never effected.
Now, that's very cool!

Susan Linker

Executive Director, Our Companions Animal Rescue

How Does It Work


Sign up for a free, no obligation Network Survey and receive a Cloud Migration Guide.

You will be contacted by one of our Blue Steel Cloud Specialists to schedule a Network Survey at your office.

Upon completion of Survey, you will receive a customized Cloud Migration Readiness Guide that will outline how to get your business technology ready to migrate to the cloud - whether you use our services or not.



Meet with your Blue Steam CIO, Chris Meacham, to customize a plan.

After the Network Survey, our resident CIO (Cloud Information Officer), Chris Meacham, will work with you to understand more about your business and help customize a plan to move your IT to the cloud and train your team.



Access your data from any device, from anywhere!

Once we get a handle on your business and technology, we will spin up a private Cloud Infrastructure for your company within 3 business days of sign-off.  

All of the trimmings, including, user setup, data upload, user training, application installation and printer setup will take approximately 1-4 weeks (depending on size of your business)

You should be fully integrated into the private Cloud within 30 days from sign-off.


Start Today!

Schedule my Blue Steam Consultation >>>

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