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Looking for a proven way to
reduce it STRESS,

meet an app called blue steel.

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It's more than an app - it's a whole bundle of IT services for your business.

Blue Steel is an IT services bundle, that includes everything a growing business needs - including security and backup services, management and monitoring, an app for all of your devices and a dedicated IT partner.

Now IT Works, the IT Support Partner behind Blue Steel, has identified the right blend of IT services to help manage the technology, the right best practices required to keep the IT system running and the right customer service team to make for a great partnership.  

While 'charge by the hour' works in certain business models, the 'fixed-fee' model works in businsses that are looking for a dedicated IT partner.  You want your systems to work, and we want to make sure they do too.

Reduce IT Issues


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Increase Productivity Hours


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AvG Time to Close issue 

2.3 hours

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Customer satisfaction


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While you can technology from any number of places, the key element is -  who is delivering the service. 

We found that Blue Steel had the technology and process and the Now IT Works team had the commitment to delivering what they promised.  

It's nice in a brochure, but it’s more important that it's done in reality.

Parker Elmore

President, Odyssey Advisors

How Does It Work


Register for a free, no obligation Network Survey and find out what IT issues are plaguing your business.

You will be contacted by one of our Blue Steel Specialists to schedule a Network Survey at your office.  

Upon completion of survey, you will receive a report, Top 5 IT Issues Plaguing My Business and a 1-on-1 consultation with a Blue Steel Certified Engineer.



Meet with your Blue Steel CIO, Chris Meacham, to customize a plan.

After the Network Survey is completed, our resident CIO (Client Information Officer), Chris Meacham, will schedule a time to meet with you to nderstand more about your business and help to customize a plan to help manage your IT and train your team



Continue to grow your business with a more efficient business technology platform.

Once we get a handle on your business and technology, we will start implementing permanent fixes, reducing problems and start training your team.  

After that - scheduled times to run our best practices against your business technology will result in a quarterly review with your CIO.


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